Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect that often gets overlooked during bathroom remodeling, and many bathrooms have poor lighting, especially around the utility areas as a result. If you consider that you begin every day and end every day in this room, you would want to make sure that both of those experiences are positive ones. Ambient and accent lighting in the bathroom enables you to create moods and an air of relaxation and should be something that you put careful consideration into.

Here are some practical tips on how to incorporate light to the best of its advantage in the bathroom, natural or not, and why you should give it a little extra thought during your bathroom renovation:

Lighting Vanities and Mirrors

Too often a mirror or vanity area is badly lit, making grooming and make up application difficult. One of the most common mistakes is to hang a recessed overhead light above the mirror, which creates shadows on the face. The best way to illuminate a mirror is to ensure the light is distributed evenly across the face, at the right height. Hanging vertical mirrors on either side of the mirror, in perfect symmetry allows an even distribution, which is perfect for personal grooming.

If it is not practically possible, then you have to go for something overhead. In this case, try and go for 150 watts and a fixture of no less than 24 inches in length, which should allow light to splay across the face and hair.

Lighting The Shower

Using a glass paneled shower is the most effective way of introducing light. If this does not work for you then a recessed overhead light can also do the trick.

Ambient Lighting

If you want your bathroom to be a relaxing space, then you should experiment with ambient lighting in order to decide which shades work for you. If you want to do something different, use a chandelier or rope lighting and be creative with your bathroom renovation.

Using light dimmers is an innovative way of playing with the amount of light you allow into your bathroom. They can be used for ambient effects or to draw attention to something. They are also effective at conserving the amount of energy you use.

Accent Lighting

Make the most of beautiful accessories and subtle touches with recessed spotlights to showcase your interior design talent. Single lights can create flair while clusters and rows can draw more attention to larger areas.

Light Bulbs

Cool white light usually works best in bathrooms because it has a ‘clean’ quality to it. Halogen light bulbs are highly recommended; they may be a little more expensive at first glance, but they can last up to three times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs.

Natural Light

Enhancing natural light means a better quality of light in your bathroom, and spending less on electricity to power it.

Allowing natural light into your bathroom can do wonders for its ambience, and there is nothing simpler than a window. If you are concerned about privacy there are a variety of blinds manufactured specially for the bathroom that allow light in and also provide some privacy at the same time. They are easy to keep clean as well.

Roof windows make fashionable and practical sense in high-rise apartments and loft buildings. They give scenic views and make attractive focal points. They are also pretty simple to install by bathroom remodeling standards. Blinds can provide privacy and darkness when required, and are also available with remote control access for ease of convenience.

Bathrooms that are tucked away, or seem like they have been added into a building’s architecture as an afterthought, can benefit from having a skylight or two installed to get around this problem.

Mirrors can add space to a small bathroom and can also reflect and amplify another source of light like a window or hanging light. They are a cost-effective addition to any renovation budget check list.

Using glass walls in the bathroom prevents interior shadows from falling and can allow natural light to get through into all areas, especially the shower. Glass walls are another innovative way to stretch your renovation budget and make your money go further.

Innovative Ideas To Introduce Light In A Trendy Way

Gone are the days when a single ceiling-mounted lighting fixture could be expected to do all the work required in a bathroom. If you want a space you feel comfortable in, you need to think laterally about the kind of design elements that will work best for your needs and taste.


You don’t need a classic bathroom to benefit from the impact of a chandelier. A number of modern varieties are available, ranging from Asian designs to more minimalistic, modern creations made from raw materials. They are ideal to team up with a show-stopping bathtub, whether it’s stand alone or built in. You can also install a dimmer switch to give yourself full control over the amount of light being emitted.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is elegant and simple, and can provide a practical lighting solution to areas of a bathroom where recessed lighting is not possible. It can be used strategically over a vanity area, or a few can be hung over a bath to draw attention to it.

Doubling Up

Putting lights directly onto a mirror amplifies the amount of light being emitted, and if they are installed symmetrically, the light will be evenly distributed between them.

Glamorous Edges

Putting spotlights around your mirror can give it a luxurious, movie-star look as long as you do not make the lights too bright. Recessing the lights can focus them better. In order to get the best out of spotlights, their light paths need to overlap, so they should be placed relatively close together. It is important that you get professional help in wiring and installing your lights, especially in the bathroom, so make sure you work with someone who is certified.

Don’t feel bound by convention when it comes to finding lighting solutions for your bathroom. The key is finding something that makes you feel relaxed and makes the most of the room.

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