Bathroom Lighting Tips That Will Light Up Your Life

Bathroom Lighting Tips That Will Light Up Your Life

Bathrooms come in all different shapes and sizes, and when the time comes to start installing bathroom lights, there is not exactly “one” right way to go about it. Lighting is a practical necessity, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with your options, or even that you cannot use your lighting to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the room; in fact, in most cases, lighting is used to do just that. When you turn to the appropriate lighting options, you can illuminate bathroom fixtures, draw the eye to certain areas of the room, and ensure that it has a calming effect on you when you enter into a space; using this to your advantage is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve optimal results with regards to your renovation.

Unconventional Lighting For Unconventional Bathrooms

Since bathrooms tend to be built as an afterthought in most homes, they range from large, spacious rooms to those that look like they were designed by a construction team obsessed with playing Tetris. Those that have unconventional bathrooms need not worry about being able to find the appropriate lighting for the job, however; they simply need to start thinking about the unconventional options that will work for their situation. In the event that you need to light an area that simply cannot be reached through installing a conventional light bulb, for instance, you simply need to make use of tracking lighting, which can be directed just about anywhere within the room.

Lighting is often something that is best left to the professionals, since designers tend to be able to create wondrous effects with their choices in these fixtures, and so individuals who are going to be taking up the renovations on their own might want to turn to a local showroom Ferguson in order to begin researching the options that are available, and the ones that the pros think will work best for their specific situation. Don’t be afraid of calling in the professionals if you get stuck; after all, this is what they have been trained to do.

Bringing Nature Into The Equation

During a bathroom renovation project, you might be so caught up in the process of installing lights that you might overlook one of the most important sources; the sun. Sunlight brings a sense of nature into the home, and without it, the bathroom might feel like a subterranean room. Skylights are a great addition to a bathroom, and since natural light is less harsh, it might just turn this room into a more enjoyable place to spend your time. Those that do not have the option of using natural light might want to look out for softer florescent bulbs which have a similar effect, especially in small spaces that are vulnerable to being overexposed through bright, harsh lights.

Since the bathroom is meant to be a place of comfort and relaxation, bright lights will take away from the overall appeal of the room, rather than add to it, so it might be best to consider low lighting for this room. When an individual requires a stronger light within the bathroom for the application of makeup or getting ready in the mornings, they can simply install additional lights, which can be turned on and off according to their needs.

Specifically Placed Lighting

The bathroom is as much a practical space as it is an aesthetically pleasing area of the home, and this is why attention needs to be placed on areas that require lighting for specific purposes, such as the bathroom mirror. When installing contemporary light fixtures, consider adding some additions that will allow you to alter the position of the lighting, or turn a switch on when you need to take care of a specific task. The lights can either be installed beside, above or actually on mirrors, for example, to provide individuals with a source of light when they are busy making use of the mirror. This is an example of practical lighting, and so it is important for individuals not to forget about aesthetic lighting, which actually enhances the appeal of the room.

Energy-Friendly Lighting

When undertaking bathroom remodeling projects, it might be a good idea to focus some attention on energy-friendly lighting options, such as LED. These lights provide the same amount of light, they are soundless when running and they will consume much less energy than their traditional counterparts in order to function. This means that by making the decision to turn to energy-friendly sources of light, you’ll actually end up saving a lot of money in the long run through lower energy or gas bills. The fact that these lighting options last for up to ten times longer than their traditional counterparts have also made them some of the most popular products on the market; when you choose to make use of them, you will be able to take advantage of all these benefits and more.

Lighting Around Mirrors

Installing lighting in areas where there are mirrors can be a complex task, especially when you are trying to reduce shadows within this smaller space of the home. When installing lights in areas where there is a mirror, especially one that will be used for tasks such as putting on makeup or getting dressed, the lights should be positioned above or beside the mirror. In many homes, recessed lighting is used to prevent shadows from occurring within a smaller bathroom, and this can also give a room a nice sense of depth.

Lighting might not be the first thing that springs to mind when someone thinks about renovating the bathroom, but it should actually be one of the most important tasks that are undertaken during this type of project. Due to the reflective surfaces within a bathroom, harsh lighting can hurt the eyes or make the room feel cold, and this is exactly what you don’t want when you are redesigning your bathroom. If you want to design a place that promotes comfort and relaxation, lighting should become one of your main priorities.

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