Bathroom Remodeling Problems You Can’t See

Bathroom Remodeling Problems You Can't See

Making the decision to remodel the bathroom will be the start of many choices to come, and so individuals who have all of the right information in hand tend to feel a bit more prepared for the challenges ahead.

Before starting a remodel, for instance, people might want to make themselves aware of certain issues that might throw a spanner in the works, drastically increase the budget and generally make it difficult for the project to continue, uninterrupted. Many of the problems that a renovator will face will not be noticeable at a glance, which is why people need to look harder to identify these issues.

Uneven Floor

Uneven floors are not always noticeable until someone starts ripping up the tiles to replace the flooring or is thinking about adding in a new toilet, and this particular issue can raise the costs of a remodel very quickly, not to mention decrease the value of the property. Uneven floors tend to be quite common in old homes; especially those built just as the 1900’s came around, and in some instances, the difference between one side and another can be quite dramatic. In many cases, this issue arises because of a problem with the supporting structure of the place, but improper repairs could also be to blame; either way, it is something that can quickly throw a spanner in the works when individuals are looking to renovate.

Many experts recommend actually putting in the money to have this problem resolved once and for all; after all, if a person intends on selling the property, they are legally bound to inform possible buyers of the flaw, and this means giving them a great bargaining chip in terms of decreasing the overall cost of the place. Once the issue has been repaired, it will be as if the problem never existed, and so owners don’t have to disclose that there was any issue to begin with. Floor leveling compounds can be used to fix the problem in the event that the floor is uneven, although this will depend on whether the supporting structure is sound, since it won’t work if it is not. These products are found in liquid form, and they are used to fill in all of the gaps where the floor is lower on one side than another.

Remember, even though an uneven floor might not always be easy to see, when it comes to preventing doors from swinging or sticking, as well as stopping tiles from lifting, it is necessary to resolve this issue once it has been spotted.

Old Cast Iron or Galvanized Plumbing

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a new property is that the electrical and the plumbing facets of the building should still be sound and people don’t have to worry about them for a while. When plumbing does become a problem, it can quickly become an expensive one to resolve; in some instances, entire plumbing systems need to be repaired or replaced. Older houses were often built with galvanized pipes, and over the years, these tend to fall victim to corrosion and other issues, such as being stopped up. There are so many issues that have arisen in homes where galvanized plumbing has been used that they have been replaced with materials such as PVC, copper and cast iron, among others.

In certain instances, when individuals find that they have galvanized pipes within their bathrooms, they will have a choice of having them replaced completely, or opting for a half-measure, where they only repair the parts that are experiencing problems. In the end, it can become pricey having to make small repairs and replacements, because this often entails ripping up small areas of the flooring and walls to get to the pipes; it might simply be cheaper to have everything done in one go, before the rest of the renovation takes place.

Leaks and Mold behind the Walls

Bathrooms tend to be consistently damp areas that require airing out on a regular basis, but in some instances, the ventilation might have been neglected, and this could have led to the formation of mold in areas around the bathroom, as well as behind the walls. People usually don’t have a look behind the walls of their home to check for leaks and mold, and this means that by the time they realize there’s a problem, it could have caused a lot of damage already. Many leaks are caused by the structure of the house shifting, and this leads to small cracks within the piping. In time, the cracks become larger and begin to leak water, sometimes causing a lot of internal damage within the property before it is spotted. It is a good idea to make the appropriate repairs before continuing with a remodel when these issues are spotted, but since this could end up drastically increasing the costs of the remodel, individuals might want to be prepared for this.

Insufficient Ventilation

Ventilation is extremely important within a bathroom due to the amount of water that is consistently present within this room. Ventilating the bathroom properly will not only prevent mold from forming, but it will also stop water stains from appearing, as well as mildew from emerging. If any of these issues are present, it will be easy for someone to spot a poorly ventilated bathroom, but this is not always the case. By opting to install sufficient ventilation systems within this room, individuals can rest assured that they will be able to prevent issues such as the decay of wooden fixtures, without promoting heat loss within the room.

Missing Wall Framing

Missing wall framing can be a very big deal because there are regulations that require load bearing walls to be properly installed, and if these or the non-load bearing frames require maintenance, it can cost a lot of money to conduct this type of job. Headers, on the other hand, allow windows and doorways to be built, and so they add to the openness, as well as the light, within the room; ultimately, this means that if they are missing, they need to be installed.

In the end, there are a variety of issues that might arise within a bathroom that could end up affecting an individual’s budget, as well as the time it takes to complete a renovation, and so it’s best to be prepared for these challenges right from the start.

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