Bathroom Renovations That Add Value

Bathroom Renovations That Add Value

Bathroom Renovations  are not only conducted to ensure a home is more comfortable for its current occupants; these alterations are also conducted to ensure that the property rises in value. While some of these measures are simple, and do not cost a whole lot, others are far more complex and require a larger investment. In the end, by making smart decisions concerning each and every investment into a property, individuals can greatly increase its worth without having to spend a fortune to accomplish this.

Heated Flooring

Heated floors are a luxury that is especially prized during cold winters, and there are a few different options that people can choose from when they have this type of technology installed. Eco-friendly options are available to those who are looking to increase the value of their property through green efforts. Radiant heating is a must in the modern home, and since warm air rises, this is a much more efficient method of heating a property (when compared to convectional systems), which means that even traditional models are more “green” than the standard heating systems. These systems can be customized to suit just about every area within the home, and they add to the overall value of the property. One of the best things about this type of renovation is the that individuals can choose between the more extravagant or the simpler installations, and this means each person can determine how much they are looking to spend on the renovation.

Granite Counter Tops

Countertops are one of the finishings that people are drawn to from the moment they enter a property, and so individuals who are looking to increase the overall quality of their properties might want to consider having granite countertops installed. Those that don’t want to spend large amounts of money on the renovation might want to opt for a resin/granite combination that looks just like granite; although, it won’t cost nearly as much to have it installed.

 Real Wood Vanities

The vanities are some of the first things that people notice when they walk into a bathroom, just like with a kitchen, and so investing a bit more into these facets could end up increasing the overall price of the property. Laminates are not very popular with buyers, because they tend to be on the bottom end of the quality spectrum, which is why it might be best for people to opt for a real wood, which is a very popular option at the moment. If the vanities are already comprised of real wood, replacing the handles could end up sprucing them up very nicely, and this can be done at a very reasonable price, making it a very sound investment.

Kohler Fixtures

There are certain brands of fixtures that tend to be more popular than others, and Kohler is one of them. This family-owned company is well known for the quality products that they manufacture, and this means that wherever they are installed, people notice. The moment buyers walk into a bathroom, they should be impressed by the Kohler fixtures, whether they are antique wall mounted sockets or modern, widespread faucets that are designed to suit contemporary decor.

Frameless Shower Doors

Shower doors have come a long way since they were first invented. Whereas these doors used to have thick, heavyset frames, they are now frameless, and this contributes to their airy, sleek designs. The designs consist of solid glass frames, and not only are frameless doors more appealing, but they are generally manufactured with thicker glass, and they come with a range of practical benefits such as being easy to clean.

Natural Stone Floors

Stone is a very popular material for contemporary homes at the moment. This material is not only elegant and sleek, but when it is combined with radiant floor heating, it will simply exude comfort and luxury. During the summer time, the stone floors tend to cool down, making the property a more comfortable temperature. Stone tiles can now be found in just about every color, design and size, allowing individuals the chance to be quite picky with regards to the options they invest in. From the moment a person walks into a home with stone flooring, they instantly become aware of the quality of this material, as well as the associated costs, and this means that even a simple home will greatly increase in value when these items are installed.

Custom Build Showers

These types of showers can be built according to the size and requirements of the home owner, which means that they can add all of the extra features that appeal to them, such as eco-friendly fixtures. Some people have opted for shower-sauna combinations, while others have attempted to give this bathroom feature a more open feel by increasing the size and removing the need for a door. In the end, designing your own shower means that the sky is the limit in terms of options and designs, and so individuals can get very creative with regards to their own. Remember, all of the added features will turn this area of the property into the lap of luxury, which means that they will, in turn, increase the value of the place if they are particularly appealing.

Storage Shampoo Boxes

Gone are the days when dingy, rickety shampoo holders used to be hung inside the shower with the help of a nail; these days, shampoo boxes are all the range. Basically, these features allow a container-like shape to be cut from the wall, where individuals can store their shower products; these are not only handy, but they also contribute to the look and feel of the bathroom, instead of detracting from it.

Understanding how to go about increasing the value of a property is important if individuals are looking for large returns on their investment, and the great thing about these added features is that they tend to make the property a much more comfortable place in which to live; this benefits the current owners, as well as future buyers.


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