Bathroom Tiles Maryland

With such a wide range of tiles to choose from, the design options are unlimited. And while creative freedom feels wonderful, it can also feel overwhelming. To choose tile materials and a design that’s best for you, consider your vision for your future bathroom, your budget, and your lifestyle. One of our Certified Remodeling Consultants can advise you on color and design, as well as care instructions for different tile materials.

Here are some of the more common tiling choices to consider:

CERAMIC TILES  – This glazed, ceramic based tile cleans easily, is nonporous, and is available in many colors, sizes, and shapes. A popular style you may want to consider is the subway tile, which is created with 3” x 6” or 4” x 8” pieces, laid out in a brick pattern.

GLASS TILES –  Some people use glass tiling for borders or mosaics. Also, because of the way light reflects off each tile, which in turn highlights others, glass tiles create an absolutely beautiful look.

MARBLE TILE – With varying textures and tones within each piece, marble tiles are available in large range of colorings. While beautiful, marble requires polishing every few years, not something busy people are always interested in dealing with.

METAL TILE – Metal tiles are often paired with other tiling materials, like stone or glass, and used for borders or mosaics. The latest trend in bathroom tiling, metal tiles are expensive, making it a choice usually saved for accents

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