Newest Bathroom Makeovers

Newest Bathroom Makeovers

A bathroom makeover can be a lot of fun to undertake, especially since there is an endless list of themes, accessories and fixtures to choose from to turn this simple space into an area that will have most people returning to the bathroom simply because of the surroundings.


Bathrooms have always been equated with luxury, and now individuals have the chance to ensure that the style of the room reflects this. It is quite common for these designs to include a lot of marble, ornate furniture, ornamental mirrors and possibly even chandeliers, but it is up to each home owner to determine how much time, effort and money they are looking to put into the project.


Vintage-style bathrooms take the best of the older, almost outdated pieces of furniture, fixtures and accessories and combine them into a stylish and familiar retreat. This type of endeavor allows people the chance to think back to what their grandparent’s bathrooms looked like when they were children and try to bring these memories back to life in the décor. Wooden picture frames, porcelain white fixtures and free standing cabinets all make for great additions to a vintage-themed room.


It is not only women who are looking to reflect their own personal tastes within their bathrooms these days; men spend just as much time grooming themselves as women do in modern times, and so the bathrooms should reflect this. Masculine themed fixtures and accessories tend to be bold, with natural colors and clean lines.


Nature is coming back in a big way in homes around the world, and nowhere is this more apparent than in bathrooms throughout the country. By bringing natural materials into the bathroom, such as bamboo, as well as decorating with plants and replacing unnatural light sources with wide windows, individuals will feel as if they are out in the wilderness, or at least in the countryside. By combining natural materials with green fixtures, people will not only benefit from a great looking bathroom, but they’ll also be reducing their carbon footprint at the same time. It is quite common for some of the features within these spaces to appear recycled; this basically means cupboards and even bathtubs decorated with “peeling” paint designs.

Modern and Contemporary

Modern bathrooms are usually much more simplistic, with clean lines and one or two eye catching features within the room. These spaces tend to be very neutral, allowing individuals the chance to relax in a quiet and sophisticated space.


Romantic-themed bathrooms tend to have large, stylized bathtubs (often freestanding with elegant feet), as well as ornamental mirrors that take up most of one wall. These spaces are areas where individuals can spend entire mornings simply basking in the comfort and warmth of the environment, and they tend to be featured in just about every bath product-related advertisement where beauty and elegance are the featured keywords of the day.


The newest bathroom makeovers are exciting options for people to pick and choose from, and with the wide variety available, it won’t be difficult for individuals to get their hands on a design that will have them soaking in the tub for hours on end, completely mesmerized by the beauty and serenity that surrounds them.

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