The Hottest 2012 Bathroom Renovation Trends

2012 Bathroom Renovation Trends

The Hottest 2012 Bathroom Renovation Trends

2012 has been an exciting year in terms of renovation trends, and it seems as though there has been a major shift towards environmentally-friendly appliances and fixtures all over the country.

Those that are getting ideas for their own bathroom renovations by concentrating on the hottest trends of the past year will see a lot of elegant fixtures, combined with more earthy colors, as well as a movement towards more functional and much more luxurious products.

Perhaps the biggest difference between 2012 and the fixtures that were sold in preceding years is the fact that this year saw a very high rise in features that focused on comfort. Towel warmers, digital shower heads and radiant floor heating were all the rage in bathrooms across the country.

The fact that most people concentrated on comfort, however, does not mean that there was no concern for the environment; in fact, with sales in eco-friendly, water-saving fixtures skyrocketing, it seems as if everyone is trying to get on board the “green” train and do their own part to help conserve the earth’s precious, natural resources.

Tankless or hybrid water heater sales indicated a big trend in this department, following the lines of “comfort first” in bathrooms everywhere. These items do not use large tanks within which to heat and store water, and so warm water is easily accessible, no matter how much the device is in use.

These items also assist in stabilizing the water pressure, making it consistent throughout use. As technology increases and becomes more available, so do the prices of these items begin to drop, and this has been seen across many of the more “specialized” bathroom fixtures.

What was once only available to the elite, can now be purchased by the average person; such as the digital shower heads, which can be altered to suit the preferences of the individual that is making use of it. Since these items are now both appealing and more affordable, this alone might explain why they have been flying off the shelves at such a rate over the past year.

In terms of colors, there has been a big trend with the more serene colors, such as greens and blues, because these colors tend to appeal to those who lead more hectic schedules.

The calming effect of these colors is simply part of the luxury that people expect when they walk into their bathrooms; the feeling that they are going to be pampered from the moment they walk through the threshold is simply amplified by the cool, refreshing colors that surround them.

Fixtures in the bathroom, it terms of style, have been increasingly larger and more elegant. Single level handles and designed in arcs, have been a big hit in 2012, especially when combined with quality stain free materials, such as chrome. The top selling sinks tended to be more streamlined, very contemporary and built right into the cabinets of the bathroom.

Cabinets, which have always served functional, as well as aesthetic purposes in the bathroom, tend to have had a more “earthy” look last year, with many people choosing to venture into more natural materials when it comes to everything from their accessories to their fixtures.

When you think of a bathroom, you can hardly forget about the tiles, and 2012 was all about large European tiles, directly from the Mediterranean, and these items ensured that the elegance and style portrayed by the fixtures were not lost.

The smaller, more traditional tiles are being stripped from bathrooms across the country to be replaced by those that allow you to feel as if you have stepped into a villa in Tuscany ready to spend an hour or two in pure tranquility, surrounded by the very best that the bathroom industry has to offer.

Extra fixtures and amenities have been all the rage in bathrooms in 2012. If comfort was (and still is) one of the most important trends over the past few months, the rise in sales of towel warmers and other luxuries have proven that fact. Bathroom televisions sales have simply skyrocketed, with many manufacturers now choosing to have the technology within these items reviewed constantly to find a way for the item to better cope within this type of environment.

These televisions are replacing bathroom mirrors so that they do not take up a lot of space, and the positioning of the item is perfect from a range of angles within the room. A bathroom is nothing without the exciting accessories within it, and now with all of the luxurious extras that you can purchase for your bathroom, you can truly make this a place that will prepare you for the morning or give you some peace of mind while you bathe in the comfort of a modern bathroom.

If sales are anything to go by, the trends that were hottest in 2012 will continue to hold people’s attention and they could, in fact, continue to rise. People stick with what works and with all of the exciting, comfortable and eco-friendly options to choose from, it could be difficult to turn your back on these options to find something more captivating.

It might be some time before people decide to go and begin searching for the hot “new look”, because 2012 seemed to have incorporated the perfect balance of eco-friendliness, as well as luxury, which means that people will only keep coming back for more.

If you are considering renovating your bathroom, you could not have picked a better time to get creative and functional with your ideas, as well as making the decision to start spoiling yourself a bit more with all of the great bathroom amenities that are available.

This year, you do not have to be a millionaire to remodel the bathroom of your dreams; all you need is to look through last season’s hottest trends and take note of all of the ones that appeal to you; you will be ready for some bath time relaxation in no time at all.

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